Professional hotel photographer specializing in hotels and resorts.

I am Nacho Villa, a specialist hotel photographer available to work on hotel and tourist accommodation assignments throughout Europe and worldwide.


I capture images that get more bookings.

What is the mission of a hotel photographer?

The hotel report usually includes images of the hotel’s architecture such as the exterior areas, facades and interiors, together with images of the common areas, rooms, services the hotel offers, nearby tourist attractions and details that make your accommodation unique.

Each and every detail will influence the client’s decision. Hence the importance of taking a high-quality professional photograph.

As a hotel photographer, my mission is to achieve high-quality images that convey the experience that the guest will have during his stay and that will improve the economic results of the establishment.

The importance of context in hotel photography

One of the elements to which I attach great importance as a hotel photographer is the hotel setting. The location and environment of the hotel is a detail that is not always given importance and which, if well worked out, can increase the volume of clients and ultimately the income of your hotel complex.

Getting the best out of your hotel in pictures is key, but it is also key to do the same with the location, as this will be the final destination of the guest.


What added value can I offer you as a specialist hotel photographer?

Today’s guest is much more demanding, a fully connected and informed user who expects to have as much information as possible before booking, and that includes professional images that will convey comfort, cleanliness and relaxation, making them book and eliminating all their fears.

Today’s guest expects to see on a hotel website not only images of the architecture, interiors and structure of the hotel, they go one step further, they also expect to see images of how breakfast will be and even how the sunrise will bewhen they wake up in their room.


The photoshoot of the hotel or tourist accommodation includes:

In my portfolio, you can see some projects and get an idea of what today’s guest is looking for. As a hotel photographer, I usually include in my reports:

Click here to see the portfolio

Anything that makes the hotel special should be photographed, this way we can get the client to imagine himself, with all the details, in the room of his accommodation, and get to connect with the guest even before his stay begins.


Why should you have a hotel photographer?

If you work in the hotel industry, you probably know how important a hotel photographer is. The reason? This is the one who is in charge of showing the best version of these accommodations.

The first impression that potential customers will have depends on the image quality of your hotel establishment. Therefore, high-quality photographs taken by a specialist are what you need to attract the right customers. How do you achieve this? Hire my services as a architecture photographer. You can contact me via the contact form. I will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made quotation.

Reasons why you should hire a hotel photographer

Currently, in the tourism sector there is a lot of competition between hotels and the new tourist accommodations that have recently entered the market. When people choose to look for accommodation, most of the time they search the web. What is the first thing they look at? Photographs.

In this sense, having good photographs will give you more opportunities to have more customers. Not only that, but you will also have a more professional image of your brand on the Internet and social media.


What do I include in my services as a hotel photographer to add value to the professional photoshoot?

I invite you to hire my services as a hotel photographer:

You are one step away from making a difference. Having high-quality images of your hotel will be an asset in your company, will increase the price per night, the number of reservations, engagement in social media and will eliminate distrust or possible fears before booking. I work with all types of hotels, I can create a custom quote. You can ask me any kind of doubt, I will answer you as soon as possible.

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How to plan the photoshoot of your hotel?

-Calculate what you need from your hotel photoshoot

-Create your hotel photo list

-Look for opportunities to obtain more value during the photographic report of the hotel.

Create an initial draft or list with the images you want to get from your hotel

A «shot list» is simply the list of images that the hotel photographer will capture during the shoot. Your shot list will likely evolve throughout the planning process, however starting with a draft that identifies your needs is a must to get the best pictures of a hotel without overlooking anything or forgetting some important space.


What are your goals for your hotel photoshoot?

Some of the main reasons why they need to hire a hotel photographer are usually:

-You need to renew your hotel images with professional photographs.

-It has changed its name / brand and they need new images.

-They have renovated / created new facilities or changed the design and furnishings and want to have new photographs of their hotel that show these new changes.

-Just need fresh and innovative new images to increase your bookings.

What images do you need to make your Hotel stand out?

As a hotel photographer I have been able to photograph various accommodations and the images, destinations and culture can be very different from one place to another.

This is a list with some examples of main shots you may need.

-Front facade of the hotel at sunrise and sunset showing the brand.

-Hotel lobby with fireplace and exclusive cocktails.

-Views from the west facing balconies showing sunset and sea views.

-Bathroom renovations with special attention to new ceramic materials.

-You can also decide that you need some versions of the same shot, for example:

-Front facade of the hotel with a high-end car and bellboys welcoming customers; Hotel front facade without people or vehicles.

-Aerial view showing the special and privileged location of the hotel and its surroundings.

Assess the importance of each image of your hotel Identifying the priority of each photo will help you decide where to spend more time and resources.

We recommend using a system to assess importance with a scale of three numbers: 1 – Mandatory, 2 – Important and 3 – Optional.

Where will the hotel photographs be used?

Are they intended to update the website? Perhaps to make ads? Or will they be used on multiple social networks? Knowing how the photos will be used can change the image shooting of your hotel and the format for which it will be optimized.

Additional considerations for planning hotel photos:

As a hotel photographer I usually recommend to my clients that they take into account some additional considerations when planning the photoshoot of their hotel or tourist accommodation. In each photo, it is advisable to write down any additional considerations for the session.

For example, do you need to hire models for some of the photographs or do you have volunteer staff from the hotel itself? Do you need to hire a helicopter for aerial shots or is it possible to do it through aerial photography with a drone? Will the cleaning staff have enough time to clean every detail? ? Will you need some additional shots for the summer or winter campaign ?.

We recommend sharing your hotel photo list with your hotel staff who use media in your work, and ask them if they have additional needs that you have not yet listed.

With the right hotel photographer, you may be able to get more value out of your shoot than you originally thought.

Look for marketing opportunities to take advantage of your hotel photography.

Audiences on social media (including your prospects) want more authentic marketing and a behind-the-scenes look at a hotel photoshoot could be a great opportunity to offer exactly that.

We recommend reflecting on how you could use the session itself as a marketing opportunity in a way that aligns with your hotel brand.

Ideas to take advantage of the hiring of a hotel photographer during the photo report For example, perhaps you could post a video of a room prepared for a session on your Instagram or Facebook story.


Or maybe You could you take this opportunity to introduce your chef, hotel manager or concierge to your potential guests in an authentic and simple way?.

If this is something you decide it could be a good marketing opportunity for your hotel brand.

You may not be able to get all the images on your list, but knowing each image you want and prioritizing according to your goals will mean that you won’t miss an opportunity and you’ll get the most value possible by hiring a specialist hotel photographer.

You can contact me through or contact form if you have any type of question or want to get a custom quote to photograph your hotel or accommodation.